Friday, March 15, 2013

Safe and sound in Jo'burg, after 36hrs of transit (but who's counting?!)

(copied from an older blog, to consolidate my Blogger accounts)

9 SEPT. 2009

Here I am, two days after I left Ottawa, in Johannesburg, South Africa. Africa! Crazy! My first time on the African continent! My first time on the other side of the Equator!

I'm currently connected via dial-up, and I paid for 35min, so I won't write too long. I'm not sure how long I've got left, since there's no counter. 

Nous avons passe un bel apres-midi a arpenter les rues de Paris, Notre-Dame, St-Michel, la Seine. Je commence a me sentir chez moi, a Paris! Surtout quand on sait que la prochaine destination sera completement depaysante...

Malheureusement pas de photos avec ce message, mais on va essayer de trouver un cafe internet avec une connexion plus rapide. Pour l'instant, je vais aller me baigner dans notre petite piscine, dans notre belle pension! 

We're very comfortable, and Jo'burg looks very nice, from the highway at least! Although all the houses have high fences, locks everywhere and barbed wire... we'll see. 

I'll publish this now in case it takes forever. Stay tuned for more details very soon!

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