Friday, March 15, 2013


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17 SEPT. 2009

I wasn't able to add captions. Next time. This time, you'll have to guess! ;)

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  1. Elise! This is fabulous. And because some of it's in French it counts as homework! I'm obviously late to the party here but-- was this just a trip for pleasure? Are you volunteering or working or did you choose Africa for fun? The whole lot looks fascinating, looking forward to more adventures!

    also, okay, i have to know what you're eating in the second-last photo. My guess would have been a pickle-- but why would you be frightened of a pickle?

    -Amanda K
  2. I'm traveling with my parents, visiting my sister who works in Pemba, Mozambique.
    The thing I'm eating is a huge worm! I think it had little feet, though, so maybe it was a caterpillar of some kind. Crunchy!

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