Friday, March 15, 2013

Out of Africa

(copied from an older blog, to consolidate my Blogger accounts)

8 OCT. 2009

So that's it, I'm back home. It still feels pretty strange, to be back. In a way, not too much has changed here. Except there are leaves on the ground and it's cold. But I've changed! I've seen so much! I'm not quite sure why, but this return seems more difficult than others have been. I think it's partly because I'm missing an anchor, someone who was traveling with me and who's come back with me, to share common experiences. Also, a month is just long enough to start really appreciating and enjoying the trip, but too short to feel ready to go home. 

Le voyage s'est bien passé. Pour les 10h20 de vol par-dessus l'Afrique et vers Paris, c'était un vol de nuit, ce qui m'a permi de dormir, surtout que j'avais toute une rangée de sièges pour moi-même. Mais malgré une nuit de sommeil et un vol relativement direct, j'étais complètement déboussolée en arrivant à Montréal hier après-midi. Et encore plus dans le bus vers Ottawa. Je regardais les couleurs automnales sans trop comprendre où j'étais ni comment j'y étais arrivée. Heureusement, Nico et ses parents étaient à la gare pour me recueillir. 

There was a little bit of stress arriving in Montreal. Our flight was a little late, and then it took forever for my suitcase to appear. Then, I had to declare the biltong (a kind of South African meat jerky) I'd brought back, because I'm an honest kinda gal, and it turns out that it wasn't allowed in the country! Arg. All this time lost meant that I was almost late for my shuttle bus to Ottawa. Well, almost late for the time I thought it was supposed to come. The bus itself was actually late, so it all worked out. 

So here I am. Not quite back, not quite gone. Today will be a day of making myself at home, taking care of little things, and hopefully readjusting to a "normal" life. 

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