Tuesday, September 22, 2009

More potos, with captions

Appartment buildings in Maputo.

The hotel Pestana in the background, then a huge Catholic church, built by "prostistutes" (in the 1940's they checked if girls were virgins. If not, they were labelled as prostitutes and, to pay for their sins, had to help in the building of the church)
In the foreground, a monument with a dove flying over a globe. Both in very rusted iron.
"Une colombe est partie en voyage. Elle est restée pognée dans l'ferraillage... ♪ "

That's right. The revolution museum is also in total disrepair. Broken windows and all. This was once a beautiful city. It's sad, really. But people tell us this is not the real Mozambique. We'll see that when we leave for the North, tomorrow.

This was once a beautiful villa.


Even though some trees were cut by the residents to be used as firewood, others survived and are still growing. Actually, their roots are partly responsible for destroying the pavement.


  1. 1- when your mother is with you, you have automatically lost one guaranteed blog reader

    2- when you write in english and french you have a cousin who only half reads your blogs :)

  2. lol. Sorry, but I have French and English readers, and I don't want to limit myself. There's always Babelfish! ;)

  3. I like both and can understand most of the French - you're such a good teacher!

    Great descriptions of your journeys. You'll have to see The Syringa Tree playing at the GCTC when you get back. Excellent play set in apartheid South Africa.

    Hi from all of us at the office,